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This can include fences, paths, decks, water features, patios, paving, raised garden beds, steps, stepping stones, gates, garden edging and much more. Oderings Landscaping take the hassle out of garden design and implementation.


If you need help with designing and visualising not just your landscape, but also the hardscape including paths, patios, decking and more, then now is the time to book a plan consultation with our landscape architect.


A professionally designed landscape plan will be tailored to all your needs, will have correct plantings for every area in your garden, correct plant placement to ensure your garden looks the best when plants are mature, and the correct placement of all elements for your landscape, including material details and all the other bits and pieces that will make your garden complete.



Perimeter & garden fencing

Privacy & decorative screens


Timber decking 

Garden patio areas


Driveway gates 

Garden Gates 

Pavers & Pathways 

Garden pathways 

Design Features



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