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There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about your garden:


What do you want to use your garden for?

Is it for your children to play, to increase the value of your home, or to grow your own edibles? It may be a mixture of many factors.


Do you have a garden theme in mind?

You may only want foliage plants or selected colours, fruit trees, a formal-looking garden, or a cottage-themed oasis.


How much time do you want to spend on garden maintenance?

Be honest; there is no point in selecting amazing plants that you won’t have the time to maintain. This doesn’t mean you won’t get different options that are equally as amazing.


What are the must-haves in your garden?

Is it a water feature, a raised veggie patch or a deck with lots of lighting for outdoor entertaining? Think about paths, seating, BBQ areas, fences and garden shapes.


What is your landscaping budget?

Landscaping can become quite expensive. Consider your budget thoroughly; you may decide to do your section in stages. As a rule of thumb you need to allow 10%–15% of the land and house value to complete a landscaped section. This percentage includes your fences, paths, patios, etc.



When I read these considerations I can understand why many people start to feel overwhelmed. Our job is to make this easy, and regardless of your space or choices we will deliver a seamless experience ensuring you get the best garden the first time.

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