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Inspiring Design


Landscape Plan 

Whether you are at an initial stage of building, need a plan for council consent, want help to finish a space, or could use some planting advice, an Oderings Landscape Architect can help. Getting a landscape plan is always a good idea even if you are not planning to landscape your whole garden in one go. With a landscape plan, you can stage and plan your budget accordingly.


Think about what kind of garden style you would like to see in your own backyard. Do you want a lot of soft textures with perennials and flowers of cottage style gardens, or do you want your garden to be influenced by the nearby coast? Maybe you enjoy the formal look, with straight lines and neutral colours. Other design styles include Japanese, Tropical, Modern, Art Deco, Mediterranean, and let’s not forget the edible garden. The possibilities are endless.


A customised garden that is functional, practical and welcoming starts with our experts, who will create a tailored garden space just for you. We provide unique solutions that reflect you, combining insightful planting with inspiring design to create a practical and functional living space that works for you and your lifestyle.


Planting Plan & Garden Consultation 

If you don't need a full landscape plan and just want to know what plants would work best in your garden with regards to space, environment and function, then getting a garden consultation is the way to go. Our landscape architect will come out to your home and give you recommendations on the right type of plants and where to place them. This planting plan can be drawn up and used by you as a reference when buying and planting, alternatively we can source the plants for you from Oderings Garden Centres, and we can also have a landscaper plant them for you if you prefer. 


We have the team to do the work from planning to planting, so we can do as little or as much of the process as you want. 


Think about what you want in your garden and what its purpose will be.


See our step by step approach to creating a tailored outdoor space.


Rendered Garden Plan
Planting Plan
Rendered Garden Plan




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