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Edible Gardens

What about a kitchen garden, edible garden or incorporation of edible plants with ornamentals? Whether incorporating raised beds, vertical walls or containers, there definitely is a place in any garden for edible trees, shrubs, herbs and veggies.


Cottage Garden

If you love the look of a cottage garden, it’s all about the right plant selection based on the time you realistically can give the garden. Cottage gardens change through the season and with the right plant combinations you can have a riot of colour all year round.


Formal Garden

Love straight lines with neutral colour’s? The formal garden look is elegant and is popular for a reason, with repeated plants making the core of this design. We can help choose the right combination of plants to give it your own individual touch.


Combination Garden

Having a garden based on the three themes combined. This can be fun and functional and gives more room for interpretation.


Garden Size

No garden is too big or too small. Small gardens have huge potential and with the right design, small spaces can provide an incredible garden. Larger gardens have plenty of room for courtyards, walkways, patios and decks as well as marvelous plants.


Colour in the Garden

Colour doesn’t need to come just from flowers but can equally come from fruiting plants or vibrant foliage, through colour’s and textures. We are the experts; let us help you choose the right plants for your space.

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