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Ground Work 

Preparation is the key with any good garden project. Drainage, soil levels and soil replenishment must all be considered.


Inspiring Design

Whether you want a full landscape plan, a garden consultation or plant placement, we can help you find your ideal garden style. We aim to create a garden and outdoor living space that is an extension of your home and interests.


Easy Care Gardens

Let us make your life easier by applying weed mat and mulch. Your garden will love it and it will free up more of your precious time so you can enjoy your garden rather than weeding it.



One of the biggest mistakes gardeners make is not considering irrigation. Imagine: With just the touch of a button, your garden and veggie patch are watered for you. Or even set it and forget it. Irrigation is a vital step to include in your plan.


Plants or “Softscaping”

The main reason you should choose Oderings Landscaping to enhance an existing space or create a new garden is we are the plant experts. Certain plants look great with other contrasting colour’s; texture and leaf colour can make just as much impact as flowers; and colour and flowers can still be low maintenance. We select plants that suit the space and chose plants you will be able to maintain and care for. We can then help by doing a plant placement service, or can do the hard work for you and plant your fabulous new selection.


Garden Maintenance

It’s easy to fall behind in the garden especially when time is so limited or we have busy families. Let us help and maintain, clear out, or even prune and trim your over grown space. You may even want a clear out, and a plant placement service to have a manageable garden space.

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