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Plants or “Softscaping”


The main reason you should choose Oderings Landscaping to enhance an existing space or create a new garden is that we are the plant experts. Certain plants look great with other contrasting colours; texture and leaf colour can make just as much impact as flowers; and colour and flowers can still be low maintenance.


We select plants that suit the space and choose plants you will be able to maintain and care for. We can then help by doing a plant placement service, or we can do the hard work for you and plant your fabulous new selection.


What kind of plants do you like? You don’t need to specify the botanical names of the plants, just think about plant features. Do you like a lot of flowers in your garden or are you a two-colour person? Would you like to see a lot of textures in your plants? Do you want to have fruit trees? Would you like to see birds in your garden? Do you want plants that require little maintenance? We can help you to choose the right plants for your lifestyle.


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