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One of the biggest mistakes gardeners make is not considering irrigation. Imagine: with just the touch of a button, your garden and veggie patch are watered for you. Or with set it and forget it timers they will turn off and on at the required times. We have plenty of options to simplify your garden watering needs.



Dripline irrigation can be installed under your weed mat and mulching, delivering the water in a controlled way right where it counts.  Connecting your dripline to a timer or automated system will ensure that your garden is getting the right amount of water at the appropriate time. There is less evaporation of water with this type of irrigation making it more efficient to run. 


Micro jets and spinners

Both micro jets and spinners are great choices for all garden beds and vegetable planters. Micro jets are a common choice in vegetable gardens where gentle watering is required.  The pressure of the water coming out can be controlled from a fine mist to a more direct water flow.  Where larger areas of garden need to be watered (flower beds and shrubs) then spinners can be a good option as water can be spread in a wider radius.


Automated systems

If you are installing irrigation it is well worth spending the time and money on making it automated.  This will take away the hassle of remembering to water and will ensure that your gardens and lawn are getting consistent watering with the right volume.  As the seasons change and watering requirements vary then the system can be reprogrammed according.  Automated timers can include basic battery powered units to high end modular controllers.


Irrigation is a vital step to include in your garden to make sure you're plants stay in the optimal condition year round.



set and forget, garden irrigation, lawn irrigation,
set and forget, garden irrigation, lawn irrigation,
set and forget, garden irrigation, lawn irrigation,

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