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A custom garden that is functional, practical and welcoming starts with our experts, who will create a tailored garden space just for you. Our mission is to make homes complete with unique solutions to reflect you, incorporating insightful planting combined with inspiring design to create a garden that is a practical and functional living space that works for you and your lifestyle.





Landscape Manager


Jeremy takes pleasure in creating to transform spaces using his vast expertise and skill in horticulture, building and landscaping. He enjoys the challenge that landscaping offers, allowing him to use problem solving skills to create functional and appealing spaces.


Jeremy grew up in the Oderings family business and at a young age completed his apprenticeship, followed by 15 years learning the trade in the horticulture industry. In 2012 he flew the nest to try his hand in the landscaping industry with a reputable landscaping company. This eventually led him to once again stretch his wings, starting his own landscaping business.


Recently Jeremy was given the opportunity to bring this landscaping knowledge and experience back into the family business with the goal of forming a landscaping division at Oderings in Christchurch and then to expand this service into Oderings North Island stores.






Landscape Consultation & Design Christchurch


Lyn has many years of experience and knowledge turning peoples’ gardening dreams into reality. Her passion lies in landscape design, specializing in garden consultations and computer-generated plans, from developer’s approval to the home gardener. Lyn has completed large commercial plantings as well as small courtyards, paying attention to detail to make spaces functional and workable.

Full of passion and energy, she loves the challenge of what every job brings, always keeping in mind what the client wants.


She is fully qualified through an apprenticeship in gardening and has fantastic horticulture expertise.








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