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Lawns & Lawn Preparation


From start to finish, Oderings can create a lawn your neighbors will envy. With all lawns, preparation is vital to ensure a good quality lawn. We take the time, use top quality products, and follow industry standard practices. Top quality screened soil is applied to a minimum depth of 150mm, then compacted and levelled to ensure an even lawn. After the seeding or laying of the instant lawn we carry out a follow up check to make sure the grass is progressing and then any thin patches can be fixed for a tidy overall look. 


We offer Artificial Lawns, Instant Lawns, Hydro Lawns, or classic Grass Seeded Lawns. So there are options for every budget and grass purpose. 


Hand Sowing

A hand sown lawn is the most economical way to build a lawn, it will take longer and require more care to get
growing. But rest assured you will still have a beautiful, well developed lawn; you just need to be prepared
to invest some time. The type of lawn seed used will depend on your lawn’s environment and its eventual purpose. Germination for hand seeding can vary from 5 days up to 30 days in optimal weather conditions and it will be safe to walk on your hand-sown lawn after 6-8 weeks. 



Hydro-seeding is our most popular way of installing a new lawn. Hydro-seeding is the process of spraying on
a mixture of water, seed, fertiliser and mulch. This means your lawn will have a kick start with nutrients and moisture to get it growing. Hydro-seeded lawns will generally start to germinate in around 5-7 days and you will begin to see the lawn fill out after 3-4 weeks. By 8 weeks it will be a well-developed lawn. 


Instant Lawn

Instant lawn will give you an immediate showpiece, but it will still take some TLC to ensure it settles in well and roots down into your soil. Your new lawn will already be around a year old when it arrives, and is well established. Although it looks like it’s ready to be walked on straight away, is very important that you don’t. Walking on the lawn at this stage will leave indents from your footprints. Keep off the lawn completely for around two weeks, until the roots begin to take hold and the lawn begins to feel firm.


Artificial Lawn

Artificial lawn has grown in popularity in recent times as the products hitting the market are becoming more life-like. Advanced fibre development means that artificial turf has the look and feel of natural grass making it increasingly difficult to tell the difference between artificial lawn and the real thing. It looks great all year round, it won't get wet and muddy in winter or dead and parched in summer.


Artificial lawn is a low maintenance option requiring no regular watering or mowing, however if you have animals then cleaning will be required. Spraying for moss and algae is also recommended, checking your lawn regularly will help to keep on top of this. You can expect a lifespan of around 20-25 years dependent on the volume of traffic your lawn gets and how well it has been cared for. Manufacturer warranties generally range between 7 to 10 years, giving you peace of mind.


A good-looking lawn can help to boost the overall value of your property. Houses with beautiful landscapes attract more buyers when it is time to sell, and a well-maintained lawn offers so much street appeal. It is also great to have a healthy lawn to run around on with the kids or to entertain on over the summer months.


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